Orientation and Strategy

The process of internationalisation always starts from an idea, that of expanding the horizons of a company – to make it grow and prosper – and from highly practical reasoning: which course of action is correct?

The study of the company and the analysis of data from the markets are the first, fundamental step in the start-up phases of internationalisation activities.
Investigating, on the one hand, the characteristics of the products and the company and, on the other, fully understanding the micro and macroeconomic situation give us reliable indications to make the most correct choice: what are the right markets for my business and which areas to develop?

GMA does this and more. Because it’s not only important to know where to go, but also how to get there!

Once you have identified the potentially most promising markets for the development of your business, the next step is careful planning of the penetration strategy for a new country so that the whole process ultimately has a positive outcome.

In this phase, GMA supports and guides the company in an in-depth analysis of its internal situation from an economic and financial point of view, organisationally but above all in terms of supply – this is the first key to success. At the same time, the chosen foreign market (s) are studied and the targets and the desired positioning are identified, an action strategy is drawn up in the commercial and marketing field and economic planning.

Parallelamente si studiano il o i mercati esteri prescelti e si individuano i target e il posizionamento desiderato, si stila una strategia d’azione in ambito commerciale e marketing e un planning economico.

At the end of this phase, you will possess a document that is both strategic and operational, containing the situation analysis, definition of the objectives, actions to be taken to achieve them, tools and resources to be used, etc. This allows you to understand on the fly how your business can fit into the international scene and what are the steps to take, inside and outside your company, to start the landing phase in foreign markets.

We firmly believe in the potential and possibilities of web marketing, and for this reason, we always integrate it into our analysis and strategies.
Within the report you can also find the planning of an inbound marketing strategy, to be developed in synergy with traditional commercial activities. This will allow you to have a solid presence also on the web, strengthen your online communication and meet new potential customers thanks to the interaction with their interests.

Our tools

Compass analyses the company concerning the markets, giving a clear and effective guideline and outlining the most appropriate growth path. Compass is an exclusive tool designed and developed by GMA to objectively evaluate the potential of an internationalisation-oriented company.

What are the best potential markets for your product?
Will your exports work?
Which countries can you find reliable partners in?
Find out with GMA’s compass analysis!

Market-Insight provides targeted information on trends and sectoral dynamics, with a level of detail that varies according to the company’s needs. Market-Insight is GMA’s tool to understand and analyse every characteristic of the foreign markets identified, before moving on to action.

Do you know everything about that country?
Which economies are growing and which are declining?
Who will be the main economic players in a sector in a few years?
How profitable is that market?
What are the most sought-after products?

Road Map is the tool to create the essential strategic document of the internationalisation process, your Business Plan: this is essential because it contains all the necessary coordinates to define your offer as well as the unique positioning of a company on the global market. Through Road Map planning, GMA Market Architects create the complete company profile they intend to internationalise, its objectives in the global market and the path of action to achieve them.

Which products can I invest in?
How to diversify my offer?
What digital tools can support my business development?

Why choose GMA?
Dynamic and flexible tools
Operational and immediately implementable projects
An innovative and practical approach
Focus on web activities
Operational and immediately implementable projects
An innovative and practical approach
Focus on web activities